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Demystifying Israel
& Antisemitism

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Shakked Beery

Speaker. Author. Israel Guide.

Meet Shakked

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Shakked Beery – The Wandering Jewess
Author, Speaker, Tour Guide.

Native to the land for ten generations, Shakked and Israel are one. After finishing her service in the IDF, she decided to combine her love for the land with her talent for storytelling, and became a full-time tour guide and speaker. The profession soon became a life mission, to serve as a connecting link between visitors and Israel. Shakked is a certified tour guide by the Israeli Ministry of Tourism, and a lecturer in the Israeli School of Tourism. Her credentials are based on a Master’s degree in Israel Studies from the University of Haifa, a certification for Curriculum Building in Critical Antisemitism Studies from Oxford University, and countless hours of passionate independent research about anything and everything she finds interesting. Nowadays, Shakked divides her time between Israel and the US, guiding tours or speaking to audiences, telling stories about the Israel she loves.



Talk Topics


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What It Is, What It Isn’t, and Why It Matters.
After the Holocaust, many believed that Antisemitism is a problem had, and that the world had learned its lesson. However, Antisemitic attacks and speech have been reaching terrifying new peaks and are appearing in new, horrifying, and surprising forms, year after year. What does Antisemitism look like today? How can we be sure to recognize it? And why is it that despite Antisemitic crimes being the most common religious-based hate crimes in the US, they are being ignored by both social & mainstream media? This talk will demystify the harsh truths behind Contemporary Antisemitism.


The Israel Most Visitors Miss. All tourists checkmark the highlights off their list. Few if any get to visit the real hidden gems. Extend your Israel journey with a deep dive into the secret sites of Israel. Fascinating historical truths & myths become alive in compelling storytelling, with a personal touch, and a lovely sense of humor. This talk is an experience through the untold stories of the land of Israel, providing an exclusive peek into the Israel most visitors miss. This keynote is relevant to anyone interested in the history, stories, and secrets of the land of Israel.

Learn more about Secret Israel >>

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Arrive Prepared for Your Israel Journey. Visiting Israel is on your bucket list? This is the talk you want to have before your journey. What should you expect? How to prepare for a trip to Israel? What prior knowledge should I gain before my visit? What’s missing from my checklist and how do I make sure I cross everything in it? Historic & contemporary Israel background is provided in a compelling manner, and with great humor. This talk is the best way to prepare your community, class, group, church, synagogue, or institution for their first, second, or tenth visit to Israel.



We had the privilege of hosting Shakked and I want to encourage you to invite her to your event! This was an awesome experience. She really brought things to life. Shakked has a great sense of humor and a vast depth of knowledge of Israel. We were pleased and honored to have her and I recommend you have her too. You’ll enjoy it.

Pastor Bryan Chance

President, World Bible Way Fellowship


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